Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Snake Giveaway Winner

In first place winning a Gray Rattlesnake is Lu Ann S! The second place winner of a Purple Viper is Danielle M! In third place winning a Black Viper is Sophia P! Prizes will be mailed by early next week!

Thank you for all who participated in our very first giveaway!! Woohoo!! Come back for more in the future!

Really wanted that snake but missed the deadline? They are still for sale in our Etsy Shop!

Just for fun, here are some pictures of kitties playing with toys. :)


  1. Oh...my...goshers!! Third place! My girls will be so happy. THANKS!

  2. Thanks SO much for the toys I got from you for winning the contest! My "kids" just love them, and even the dog (German shepherd) looks interested when the cats are playing, but they won't let him close to it. As we have 8 cats, the toys will get lots of use and I'm thinking we'll need to get some more to share. Thanks again for the snake and the mouse that we also got. Can't really tell you which is the favorite of the two!