Saturday, May 11, 2013

Etsy Weekends - Yarn

Like most knitters I have a problem with yarn. One day I'll have Pam describe her yarn stash, and then mine won't sound so bad! When we looked at our current apartment I made the decision to move in the second I saw the closet in what would become our second bedroom. It is a little room with rails on two sides of the walls and a shelf on top of the rails. It is perfect for hanging hanks! We've lived here less than two years and that poor little closet is stuffed to the brim...with yarn, finished products waiting to be shipped to new owners, some of Matt's video game paraphernalia, and an entire wall of fabric to be used for projects I come up with in the future. I've actually been a pretty good girl (read: sooooooo broke) since we've lived in MT and have only added to my stash when Mom sends newly dyed wools and when The Yarn Shop closed and I went a little wild buying closeout alpaca yarn...but that's a story for another day. Even though my little room is so full of stuff that I can't even close the door anymore I can't help but dreaming about filling it up just a little more....
Woolpaca - Natural Alpaca and Finewool Blended Roving - Blanche
Woolpaca from lambkamp
Baby Camel Down Top for luxury spinning
Camel Down from Spinner's End 
mini braid of wool roving
Wool Braid from Souptoknits
Citrus Lime Green Soft Fuzzy Yarn 150 yards Lace Fingering Weight  B 14
Lace Weight from Recycle&Repurpose

Don't you think all of these would make wonderful additions to any collection? But especially mine? :)

Wool/Silk from hilltopcloud
Hand painted Merino Wool Yarn Lace Weight CALENDULA
Merino from jirbydesigns


  1. Hi! Glad you stopped by the shop so I could discover your blog. It seems you have a lot of fun and I just love the cat toys...particularly the knitted mice!


  2. My yarn also consumes a rather large closet! I think it's an addiction that I can live with, though!