Monday, September 30, 2013

Knitting Woes

School is in full swing, in fact this week I have not just one, but two mid terms! Between school, work, and other responsibilities I haven't had time to relax with any knitting. I feel a knitting break down coming on, so I've pulled out the needles, yarn, and patterns for my mice. They only take about 45 minutes to knit up, and since I sell more mice than anything they are a great project to have at the ready. Sorry baby blanket, your turn is over for now....

I don't think I have any time to relax with my knitting this week, but I have high hopes for next week, and with mice already flying off the shelves, I'm not sure I have a choice in the matter!

Does your kitty need their own hand knit, felted, catnip and shaker stuffed mouse toy? If know where to find us :)

Cat Toy Catnip Mice - Set of Three Hand Knit - Snowflakes
Snowflake Mice set of 3

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