Saturday, September 7, 2013


Sheila was an Australian Shepherd dog that was found with several litter mates left to die on concrete in a cold WI winter. At the time we only had Rikki the Dalmation, as her lifelong friend Lucy the Black Lab had left us earlier in the year. We ended up bringing home Sheila, and she was just about the goofiest dog anyone could ask for. I'm feeling a little sentimental and missing my sweet and sassy girl, and thought I would share a few series of Sheila pictures over the next few Friday posts. Here to start it off are some Sheila the Puppy pictures :)
Sheila and Rikki

Sheila Pooped after destroying a napkin

Sheila by the Garage

Sheila and her first Baby, a sheep that she carried everywhere.

Sheila growing out of the puppy stage

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