Monday, September 16, 2013

Vintage Knitting Patterns

A friend received some great old knitting patterns from a family member. She was told that one of them is the "best mitten pattern of all time". There are mitten and glove patterns for men, women, and children. I have found some that I can't wait to try and one pair especially has really caught my eye. It's plaid! I can't decide what colors I want to use. I think I might make some women's in bright colors or maybe the colors of our local high school - black and orange.

The friend also gave me some patterns for "head scarves"! I don't know what you really would call them, they aren't hats and not scarves but a hat that is about 3 to 4 inches wide goes over your head and you tie it on. I had one when I was a child. Mine was a soft white yarn - maybe angora, and then it had round circular iridescent flat things sewn on it. The flat things were thin like shells, I might have to do a search for some! Here's a link to a pattern of one very similar, Fab Head Scarf. Keep an eye out for the plaid mittens, I'll post some photos when I finish a pair!

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