Thursday, January 30, 2014

A New Closet

So in my head I am a master carpenter who can accomplish all tasks. In real life...I have very few skills with carpentry. But I can make things look nice with a few quick fixes!

Our bedroom is quite small, and we have a large bed. feels even smaller. I have plans to put in cabinets around the bed for added storage, and to spruce up the look of the room (right now it is very boring, with just a bed, a dresser, and a little catch all table that always needs to be dusted!). But those plans won't go into effect until spring or summer...and I wanted to do something now!!! Being that it is a rental, I can't do a TON...but I did do this:

It was super simple, and has added so much space to the room already! I just popped the old sliding doors out of their sockets, put up tension rods (okay, so maybe Matt helped with that part!) that were prehung with our new curtains (Kohl's, on a pretty good discount!), predrilled my holes, then hung the hold backs (from World Market, very pretty and decently simple to install), and voila! A room renovation that cost less than $50. Now to work on the other curtains....

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