Tuesday, January 28, 2014

How Tuesday: How to Navajo Ply Yarn

Just kidding! I'm not really going to give a tutorial on this, because there are so many great resources online that can teach you ten times better than I could! (And a lot of them can do videos too) Youtube is actually where I learned about Navajo Plying back when I lived in Green Bay. I wasn't nearly as good a student back then, and spent a lot more time on the internet. I came across one of those videos (and of course I don't remember which one!) and I thought, "Cool! I can totally do that!" So I did! Here's a picture of it:

Isn't it pretty? I believe that was Gracie fiber mixed with the white girl's wool. Lori let us use her electric carder one day to card up a bunch of the girls fiber, and this was the end product of one of the batches.

Pam has been spinning a little bit lately, which is a lot a bit more than me. She's gracious enough to send me new fiber though, so I can look at it and touch it and wish I had time to spin. Speaking of which...it's time to head to class. Have a great Tuesday everyone, and remember - no matter how much you know about something, there's always more to learn. Like nifty spinning techniques. :)

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