Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Two for Tuesday - Knitting Needle Organization

It's Pam and Kirsten, back again to talk about organization. Last August we started the conversation about how to keep things organized with your yarn stash. Today we're back to talk about how each of us stores our needles!

My needles have always been a mess, languishing in bags with UFOs, or stuffed into another bag all jumbled and mixed together with other knitting notions and crochet hooks. So last fall when all of the dorm room organization stuff came in I found myself a great little shoe rack and brought it home for my needles! I'm a little short, so the top rows aren't as useful as they would be to someone taller than me, but I have more than enough room for all of my circulars, dpns, and the tips for my new Harmony Interchangeable nedles from Knitpicks! I'm a little weird, and like to keep the original packaging for all of my needles, so it makes it even easier to keep them organized. The little baggies my Addi's are in are labeled with their cable length already, and the Crystal Palace bamboo dpns are also labeled with their length! Pretty handy for me! There's still plenty of room for when I buy all those sock needles I've been meaning to pick up....

This hangs on the backside of the door in our second bedroom, which is almost always open. This way they are out of sight, but also really easy to get to, I just have to swing the door shut!

I do mine a little differently. I like to keep my needles mobile! I put all of my needles in a bag by size. The bags are labelled with the size:

 I have bags for every size needle I own:
 And they all fit nicely into this zippered pouch! Along with a needle sizer, just in case they get mixed up!

This way, they are all together, they are easy to find, and I can carry them with me in case I have a needle emergency!

How about you? How do you organize? Or don't you? :)

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