Thursday, January 9, 2014

In the Kitchen with Pam: Garden Tomato Sauce Style

We're joining Pam in the kitchen again this week where she shares insight into making tomato juice from your Garden veggies...that you can dream about all winter and utilize next harvest season!!

Since I had more tomatoes than peppers this year I also made a lot of tomato juice.  I cut up the tomatoes and then cooked them for about an hour and then ran them thru a sieve to remove the seeds.  I then put the juice back on the stove and simmer it until it gets as thick as I want!  The longer you cook the thicker your juice will get.  Mine is normally somewhere between juice and tomato sauce.  I use it in vegetable beef soup and chili.  If I have a lot of peppers I add some peppers to the cut up tomatoes.

Have you ever tried making tomato sauce? What were your experiences? Too sweet...too bland...or just right?

2013 Stupice Tomato Harvest

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