Monday, August 19, 2013

Manly Mittens

A few weeks ago I picked up the last few Harmony Guides from Interweave Press that I didn't already own. One of the books was the Color Work book, and looking through it made me want to do lots and lots of colorwork!! I was digging through my wool the other day and came across some llama/wool blend and some dyed wool blend that I spun up about 6 or 7 years ago. If I remember correctly, the llama wool came from a local woman who told us she had been burning her fleeces because she didn't know what to do with it. We quickly volunteered to save her wool from the burn pile the next spring, and it was horribly dirty and full of guard fiber. I had to buy one of those bird flu/Michael Jackson face masks to wear while I was working on it out on my porch, and even then it made me sneeze out little black fibers. But, once it was spun it was beautiful, and is still one of my favorite hand spun yarns! The dyed wool came with the wheel I think as a free gift with purchase. After I spun them I immediately made these beauties:

I was pretty proud of those legwarmers, and I hope whoever ended up with them loved them as much as I did. I remember taking them to school with me at UWGB, and doing the orange overstitching leaned up against one of the triangles in the tunnels by Wood Hall (at least I think it was Wood's been a few years now....) 

Anyway, fast forward to last week, when I came across the yarn again and thought, "I should make something with these two yarns again. They look great together!" So I brought them downstairs, and flipped through my new colorwork book until this celtic knot pattern leaped off the page at me, and I knew I must make manly mittens. 

I think they turned out pretty good. Lovely flecked stitch on the palm and climbing up the thumb, with plain brown patches on the thumb tip and mitten tip. Matt suggested a lady version, and I am currently working on those. (They also look great so far! I'm just hoping I have enough of the llama wool to finish the second pair!)

I will eventually put these up for sale on Etsy, just not quite yet. They aren't seasoned quite enough :)
Update: they are now available for Sale in our Etsy Shop!

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