Wednesday, August 7, 2013


I am eagerly awaiting the ripening of my tomatoes, but none of them are very close. I would say the yellow pears are the only ones that look like they are headed toward being ripe. They all look great though and are filling their plants with more and more fruit! I can't wait to walk out to the garden and find ripe tomatoes...soon I hope!
Cherry Tomatoes
Glacier Tomatoes
German Strawberry Tomatoes

Stupice Tomatoes
Yellow Pear Tomatoes
I had been harvesting my peas like crazy, but it has gotten too hot and they have stopped producing. I've been trying to harvest beans, but it looks like the deer and the bunnies have gotten there ahead of me. I've still been finding a few bush beans those hungry buggers missed, and last night we had new potatoes with green onions and beans. It was tasty!!

While Matt's Mom was here visiting we discussed my pepper problems:

They are tiny! They haven't grown much in height since I placed them in their raised bed, even though they have been growing new leaves. We did some research and I have some ideas for next year, I'm going to start the peppers stupid early from seed, and I'm going to get water walls! It looks like peppers really want the night temp to not go below 70 degrees. It gets a lot colder than that here!! The water walls are supposed to insulate the plants, and hopefully keep them warmer at night! Check back next summer to see if I'm successful ;)

Have a great week, we're halfway through now! :)

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