Monday, August 5, 2013

Scrap Yarn Scarves

At Hide & Hair we love to find ways to use "unusable" yarn. We came up with the mouse toys to use up scrap wool and mohair that was just lying around, and lately we've been making scrap yarn scarves to use up the yarns that won't felt down into mice. Sometimes a yarn may have a lot left over, but it is scratchy or too furry, or any other number of reasons why some yarn is always moved to the back of the pile. Luckily, with some of these scarves it doesn't matter how scratchy the yarn is, because it is usually covered up by the yarns surrounding it! Sometimes just knitting on a larger needle opens the yarn up and keeps it from getting too scratchy as well. Most of the scarves shown are for sale in our Etsy Shop. I hope we've inspired you to take another look through your yarn closets! :)

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