Friday, July 26, 2013

Birds of Bozeman

If you've ever been to this part of the country you are familiar with Magpies, the big dapper black and white birds who have a lot to say, and are addicted to all things shiny. They will climb into a car if the window is open wide enough (which is actually a lot narrower than you would expect!) just to get at something shiny inside, leaving droppings for you to find! We have lots of them in our backyard, and wake up to them and all the other singing birdies in the morning. It's easy to tell when the neighbor cat has strolled into our backyard because they go nuts screaming and squawking at him. While Mom and Dad were visiting, we learned they have another trick...ruining (or adding to, depending on how you look at it) pictures of beautiful Bozeman, MT!

This is a picture of my absolute favorite view of Bozeman. When you crest the hill of Kagy Boulevard, the valley opens up a little, and you have a clear view of the Crazies in the distance, some 80 miles away. That stretch of road used to be on my drive home and it was my favorite part of the day most days. In that picture is a magpie. A magpie just happened to be flying by as Dad raised the camera above the bars of the old Yellowstone Tour Bus to capture a shot of my favorite view. Such luck!

Happy Weekend!

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