Thursday, July 18, 2013

Vacation Part Two

It's now been a couple of weeks since Mom and Dad went back home to the sheep and Lucy, but I am still working on sorting and cleaning up pictures from the visit. I'm a little behind...but since I still haven't sorted the pictures from Mom's visit in 2011, I don't feel so bad about these ones! Here are a few that Dad took after our driving tour of Bozeman. It's a service offered during the summer through the Museum of the Rockies. It was roughly two hours of Bozeman history combined with a lovely drive through the town and a discussion of the architecture of the town.

  During the tour our guide mentioned that the Pioneer Museum in Bozeman is a very interesting place to visit, so we stopped down there after the tour. It was great, a small museum full of local history, and a noose where they hung the only inmate to be put to death in the jail. It reminded me of the historical society in BRF where I volunteered when I was in middle and high school.

The tour guide also mentioned that the "warbirds" were coming to town that weekend. We went out to the airfield twice, but missed them both times. They weren't in town for an incredibly long time. But Matt still managed to get a picture of one while we were at Music on Main - it flew overhead on our way to dinner!

I think those are really all the good pictures, so I'll have to wait for another visit before I can share more pictures! :) Hopefully it will be sooner rather than later! Maybe next time we can talk them into going to Yellowstone! 

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