Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Lace Knitting

While Mom was visiting I was shocked at the amount of projects she brought with, and here I sit wishing I had had her empty her bag so I could take a picture! There was a half finished scarf made with two different color changing yarns...very cool! There were also several finished scarves to show off, along with a quarter finished pair of Norwegian star mittens, a partial sweater sleeve, and other untold treasures whose needles I saw just peeking out from her bag.

I have been working on Mice for a while, long ago I finished up most of my other "real" knitting projects in deference to my mouse projects. Seeing all of her real knitting made me itch to knit something difficult, or at least something that takes longer than 45 minutes to knit up! I headed to the upstairs closet and found a lace scarf I had started maybe a year or so ago. (I also found Matt's Mitts...but I passed them over for this lol) I managed to get quite a bit of the scarf knit during their visit and finished it this week!

It's a scarf knit in the general fashion of most of our other Hide and Hair scarves - lace paneled "sleeves" with a ribbed center. Now I have visions of lace scarves running through my head...along with fun fringed scarves and lace mittens and wedding much little time!

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