Sunday, July 28, 2013

Etsy Weekends - Stained Glass Jewelry

If you've been keeping up with our Etsy Weekends, you've probably come to realize that I love jewelry. There's also been a bit of a trend with it shouldn't surprise you that I love glass jewelry. Especially stained glass looking pieces. I've come across a few I would like to share with you today!
Elm Leaf Earrings - Recycled Green Glass - Mother's Day Gift Mother's Day Jewelry Eco Friendly Jewelry
Elm Leaf Earrings from Western Art Glass

Green Daisy - Stained Glass Pendant Necklace
Green Daisy Pendant from Becky Sharp Designs
CIJ SALE Vibrant and Unique Stained Glass Earrings
Stained Glass Earrings from Antique Alchemy Shop

Stop by next week to see more great Etsy finds!

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