Monday, July 8, 2013

Palisade Falls

During their visit, Matt and I took Mom and Dad to one of our favorite spots here in Bozeman: Palisade Falls in the Hyalite Canyon. It's a beautiful waterfall that you can climb right up to, and can even climb over (Matt and I did this a few years back, and someday hope to do it again, but it was a little scary...there was a bit of actual rock climbing and when you are only 5' tall, those footholds seem really far away!) This year we managed to get there at a really quiet time. There was one lady leaving as we arrived, and one group arriving as we were leaving! Unfortunately that meant we didn't get a great group shot, but we still managed to get some great pictures! We even noticed that some of the upper rocks seem to be tilted out farther than we remember, causing us to wonder when the rocks will fall, and hope no one is there getting a family portrait taken when it happens! Anyway, enough are the pictures!

Palisade Falls is one of our favorite places to go because you get a nice walk in, but it isn't too difficult. Even wheelchairs can make it up to the Falls, so with knee trouble and foot pain, we still made it to the top without too much complaining. Plus the scenery is unrivaled! :)

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